Love Sugar and find it hard to give up?

benefits of palm sugar

  We have all heard horrifying things about refined sugar and how damaging it is to our body. As a Health and Fitness Coach it is my job to provide you with  healthy and nutritious options which also satisfies your taste buds. Coconut has been one wonder fruit that mother nature blessed us with. We have explored every possibility that palm can provide us with. Coconut water, coconut meat, coconut oil and the list goes on.

What is Coconut palm sugar?

  It is sugar made from sap of cut flowers of coconut palm tree.The sap is collected and placed on moderate heat and the water is evaporated. The thick syrup left behind is allowed to crystallize, which makes a dark brown colored coconut sugar. It can be easily substituted with regular cane sugar in the proportion of 1:1. It is enriched with nutrition and has low GI index.

   Enjoy the sweetness without compromising your health…. I am ready to explore the health benefits of palm sugar..Are you?

 palm sugar

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