Sugar vs Honey

honey vs sugar

There has been a lot of debate on which one to keep on board to curb the cravings due to calorie constraints. Here is a detailed analysis of the nutritional values of both Sugar and Honey per 100gm of each.

It might not be so difficult to point out which one is really the empty calories and which is the one that actually nourishes your body. I would suggest if you are craving something sweet go for a spoonful of honey and don’t feel guilty, as you nourished your body as well. A lot of studies suggest that balancing properties of honey actually aids weight loss.

One of my favorite honey recipe is the Honey Cinnamon tea:

For 1 cup of water boil 1/2 spoon of cinnamon powder, let is sit for 5 minutes and strain the mixture, add honey and 1/2 lemon to the mixture and sip on this refreshing tea. ( one of the simplest and best weight-loss formula)

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