Pick Nutrition Over Calories- Any given day!

“Your body is your most priceless possession! So go, take care of it!”

Isn’t this something we need to be reminded of, every single day! This was the primary subject of discussion at the ATP International Fitness & Sports Convention, 2015 that I attended last weekend. I feel it is my social responsibility to disseminate all the knowledge gained at the convention and so I couldn’t resist myself from writing this article which contains all the necessary takeaways that the health and wellness experts stressed upon!

Every day we are provided with plenty of options about what to eat and what to drink. No matter what age you are, eating right is the most crucial aspect of living healthy! When you eat well, you feel well, and you feel energetic! Throughout this article, you will find me repeating this one statement: “Choose nutrient rich food over calorie rich food.

Calories packed with nutrients- found for the most part in unrefined fresh, natural foods- will help you maintain your muscle health and keep your immune system strong. Nutrient-poor calories, which are sometimes called empty calories, are often found processed foods. They satisfy short-term cravings but provide little or no worthwhile nutrients.

Foods power-packed with nutrition:

Be it Jonathan RossKaizzad Capadia or Ryan Fernando, all the biggies in the health and wellness industry talked about the daily foods that you must incorporate in your diet! They include:

Bananas,  eggs, walnuts, broccoli, salmon, yogurt, pineapples, berries, beet, spinach, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

These foods are packed with magnesium, vitamin-B complex, amino acids, natural sugars and complex carbs to provide your body and mind with what it needs. Moreover, the listed ‘healthy foods’ above will not only help you stay fit and young but will also reduce the risk of diseases some life threatening ailments like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes! Remember if you are good to your body, it will be good to you.

Junk foods give you junk thoughts!

We are all aware of the extremely catastrophic effect of junk food: foods that have high amounts of saturated fat, added sugar and added salt. Junk food is tempting because it is easily available, cheaper and more attractive than ever before. Recent surveys of eating patterns across the country tell us that since we eat a lot of fast food, we are missing out on getting all the required nutrients that our body needs.

  • We need to understand that our body prefers whole foods of high quality that it can easily break down to give you the right amount of energy, and not just empty calories that you get from processed foods.
  • Processed foods also make you feel lazy, tired and what is even worse is that you still feel hungry after eating.
  • Our bodies are friendly towards whole foods because they are able to digest them easily, helping us feel more fresh! Whole foods boost our immune system as well!

What are Good fats and Bad fats:

Unsaturated fats are also known as “good” fats and are encouraged as part of a healthy diet. Good fats available in avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil are your best friends! While bad fats are damaged fats which include oils that have been used and reused in frying. They contain hydrogenated oils, also known as “trans-fats.

Let me sum up, here are 7 easy to follow advices:

  1. Get more good fats in your diet
  2. Make friends with coconut oil.
  3. Dress your own salad. My personal favourite salad dressing is olive oil, honey, lemon and sea salt.
  4. Reach out for nuts and seeds.
  5. Drink plenty of water/ fresh juices or infused-water.
  6. Beware of added sugars and added salts!
  7. If you have a sweet tooth, eat fruits containing natural sugar like
    pineapples, custard apples etc.


“Good health & wellness is something we all crave for, particularly those who are fitness freaks! While the running behind ‘fountain of youth’ is still unrealistic, healthy living is very much achievable!” 

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