A little about me!

 Hello Beautiful souls, I am Mansi Shah, B.Pharm, Pharm.D, Holistic Nutritionist, an integrative pharmacist licensed in the state of California. My journey started from a town called Baroda in India, which is very close to the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi and has major cultural influence from his ideologies. I was born and raised in this town till the age of 17 then moved to Pune, Maharashtra the education capital of India for my undergraduate in Bachelors of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Pune University. While in my last year of doing Bachelors my parents decided to move to United states of America for better opportunities. I have completed my Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D) from Roseman University of Health sciences in Henderson, Nevada.

    I have spent my crucial years of life exploring different cultures, lifestyles and travelling to new cities doing adventurous activities. My life experiences come from small towns in India to exploring the metro cities in the States. I have passion for health, wellness, travel and nature. All throughout my life I have been compassionate about helping others. My happiness lies in doing good for the mother earth and giving back to the community. After studying extensively in the field of medicine my interest has gradually geared towards the power of life style modification rather than being just on medications. I have completed a 1 year Holistic Nutrition course from AFPA, an institute for health professionals in US. I am also an active member of American Society of Integrative medicine and American Society of consultant Pharmacist. I am based out of San Diego, California and successfully practicing integrative medicine here. 

We are what we eat and practice. All ailments come from the type of life we create for ourselves and the choices we make. I am here to discuss about various topics on health and wellness with the power of natural medicine and real food. please join me in this journey and lets explore the power of healing through nature. Lets all of us embrace the power of integrative medicine by combining mind, body and soul. Lets find your 6th Element together, which brings equilibrium to the main 5 elements of your life.

The concept of 6th Element started in Baroda, India. As we all know we are all made up of 5 major elements, Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth. The theory asserts that these substances contain their own specific characteristics and properties to bring equilibrium. Today, the five elements theory is still used as a tool for grouping objects, and as a method for analyzing changes of natural phenomena in the magical Human Body.

6th Element was a Holistic Fitness center that offered Vinyasa  and Iyenger Yoga, Circuit training, Aerial Yoga, Kids yoga, nutrition counselling and Organic Food cafe by the name of Passion cafe, with variety of vegan food options. Although the existence of facility has come to a closure there, I have decided to carry forward my baby to the Beautiful soul town San Deigo, California. I offer counselling on holistic living through my expert and extensive knowledge on how to heal yourself  and live a blissful life. 

Set up your counselling today for a better life! 1465268_10151687991361813_614874227_n 

2 thoughts on “A little about me!

  1. Really amazed with your enthusiasm towards Health and nature. Can u give some tips regarding daily routine Exercise and food for weight maintainance


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