Pick Nutrition Over Calories- Any given day!

“Your body is your most priceless possession! So go, take care of it!” Isn't this something we need to be reminded of, every single day! This was the primary subject of discussion at the ATP International Fitness & Sports Convention, 2015 that I attended last weekend. I feel it is my social responsibility to disseminate all the … Continue reading Pick Nutrition Over Calories- Any given day!

Reasons to practice Iyengar yoga…

It has only been three months of practicing this excellent genre of yoga for me and the benefits have been spectacular. Late Guruji B.K.S Iyengar is a legend who dedicated his life to yoga and his practice has become world's foremost type of yoga. According to him, yoga is an integration of mind, body, emotions … Continue reading Reasons to practice Iyengar yoga…

Coconut Punch….

Hydrating, Nutritious and easy to make... Prep time: 5 minutes Ingredients list: 2 green coconut with little thick meat inside (malai/coconut meal) 2-3 spoon Chia/Takmuria/Sabja seeds half a lemon Fresh cut pineapple for garnish 1 spoon Honey (optional) serves:  2 Method: Open green coconut and take water from both of them in a blender, add … Continue reading Coconut Punch….

Breakfast Smoothie!

Nutritious & Delicious... This Breakfast smoothie is really simple to make and is loaded with health benefits of fresh fruits and probiotics.. Ingredients: 1 cup greek yogurt 1 whole medium-sized Dragon fruit 1 cup strawberries 1 large banana 1 cup ice & 1/2 cup water Sweetener is optional : 1-2 spoon honey or maple syrup … Continue reading Breakfast Smoothie!

Love Sugar and find it hard to give up?

  We have all heard horrifying things about refined sugar and how damaging it is to our body. As a Health and Fitness Coach it is my job to provide you with  healthy and nutritious options which also satisfies your taste buds. Coconut has been one wonder fruit that mother nature blessed us with. We … Continue reading Love Sugar and find it hard to give up?

The difference between Cocoa and Cacao!

Why is important to know the difference between these two forms of Chocolate! Most store bought chocolate powders are Cocoa. All the commercial brands use this form of powder to manufacture their chocolates. And that's the reason it is important that we look into the difference between the two. I agree that chocolate is good … Continue reading The difference between Cocoa and Cacao!

How Meditation can transform your life!

Unfold your Mind, Body & Soul with Meditation...   It has only been a few months since I have taken up Meditation. The benefits I have experienced from meditating has been immense. Meditation encourages deepening of consciousness or awareness, and also facilitates deeper understanding of self and others.   The benefits from daily meditation are: … Continue reading How Meditation can transform your life!