Pick Nutrition Over Calories- Any given day!

“Your body is your most priceless possession! So go, take care of it!” Isn't this something we need to be reminded of, every single day! This was the primary subject of discussion at the ATP International Fitness & Sports Convention, 2015 that I attended last weekend. I feel it is my social responsibility to disseminate all the … Continue reading Pick Nutrition Over Calories- Any given day!

Breakfast Smoothie!

Nutritious & Delicious... This Breakfast smoothie is really simple to make and is loaded with health benefits of fresh fruits and probiotics.. Ingredients: 1 cup greek yogurt 1 whole medium-sized Dragon fruit 1 cup strawberries 1 large banana 1 cup ice & 1/2 cup water Sweetener is optional : 1-2 spoon honey or maple syrup … Continue reading Breakfast Smoothie!